Options for Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

One of the main elements in a kitchen that create its distinctive look is the cabinetry, which covers a vast area of the room. If you want total scope over the design, you could have yours custom-crafted. Following are several options to consider when styling a custom kitchen.

Cupboard Door Styles

If you're designing a modern or contemporary kitchen, you might prefer flat panel cupboard doors which are completely smooth and even. Without extra detailing, these doors evoke a clean, minimalist look. On the other hand, if you're styling cupboards for a traditional or country kitchen, you could opt for doors that exhibit extra contours and dimensions. For example, a shaker design features four raised panels around a recessed centre panel. Rather than simply styled shaker doors, though, you could choose doors with more ornate moulding.

Glass Fronts

Cabinets with glass front glass doors help create an airy and spacious kitchen. Because you can see through the door, the room feels bigger and lighter without a solid opaque block. Typically, these doors fit over upper cabinets as they could be accidentally kicked and broken otherwise. The glass comes in diverse styles to suit different aesthetics. For example, you could install mullioned doors with several small glass panels that mimic a classic window. For a more contemporary space, you could install a door that consists of one sheet of glass.


Of course, the main task of the door is to open and close, so you'll need to choose a handle. You could opt for a knob style, which offers various shapes such as round, square, rectangular, or novelty contours like a flower. Knobs can use aluminium, steel, brass, wood, or marble, for example. And they can suit both traditional and modern decors depending on their style. Alternatively, if you want a handle through which you can put your hand, you could install a pull handle that forms a flat bar shape. They can be short or long, and they can be creatively designed also.

To eliminate handles, install doors with a groove along the top or side, which you can reach your fingers into to pull open. Without apparent handles interrupting the surface, these doors create a sleek look. Another possibility is to install a door that opens with a push. These are handy if you're working in the kitchen and your hands are full—as you can open a lower door with a wrist, elbow or knee.