Two pieces of advice to follow when shopping at furniture stores

Here is some advice to take note of if you need to do some shopping at furniture stores.

Pick a quiet time for your shopping trip

When doing any type of furniture shopping in person, you should aim to go to the store at a quiet time. For example, most furniture stores are likely to be quieter on a weekday morning than they are on a weekend afternoon, as so many people work during the week and do their shopping on the weekends.

Picking a quiet time will mean that if, for instance, there is a very popular style of sofa on display in the store, you can sit on it for a long period and get a good idea of how comfortable it is to sit on for an extended time, without dealing with a queue of other people standing around, waiting for you to get up so they can test out this sofa. This is particularly important if you not just casually browsing but want to buy the furniture during that visit, as if you feel pressured to get off the display furniture before you've really evaluated it, you might end up purchasing a piece that you only realise is unsuitable or uncomfortable after it's delivered.

Similarly, choosing to go at a quiet time will mean that you probably won't have to wait for other customers to move out of the way in order to get a closer look at a particular table, or miss out on testing an armchair because another customer has chosen to sit on it for a long time.

Check out the furniture store's lighting when you first enter the premises

It's also important to check out the furniture store's lighting when you first enter it. The reason for this is that if the store uses very warm or very cool lightbulbs, this will affect how you perceive the colour of the furniture in that store. If for example, you notice that the store uses warm lightbulbs that give off a very yellowish, golden light, and you're looking for a cool-toned pink sofa, you should bear in mind that any cool-toned pink sofas on display in the store may appear to have a warmer undertone, due to the lighting.

Taking note of the lighting and the effect it may have on the appearance of the furniture colours will ensure that you don't miss out on snapping up a beautiful piece, just because you mistakenly thought its undertone was much cooler or warmer than it really was.