Teak Outdoor Furniture and Sunlight-Induced Colour Change: What You Can Expect

Teak furniture for your patio represents a sizeable investment, and so before you make that investment, it's important to do a little bit of planning. Whether you're opting for teak benches or even teak pool lounges, the look of the furniture will be somewhat altered by its ongoing exposure to sunlight. This is even true if your furniture will be partially in the shade while on your patio. This slight alteration to the look of the wood is certainly not a bad thing, but it's important to know what to expect. So how exactly will the sunlight affect the look of your teak furniture? 

Untreated Timber

Natural, untreated teak will most be affected by the sunlight. The rich, natural hues of the wood will begin to fade under the UV light, eventually settling to a silvery, almost grayish colour. This end result is still strikingly beautiful, but it might not really be what you were expecting. However, when you buy untreated teak, this change in colour is unavoidable. Of course, the change will take longer depending on where the furniture is positioned (such as if it's generally kept in a partially shaded area).

Already Weathered

You can skip this weathering process in a way. You can buy teak furniture that has already been weathered. The timber has been left in the sun prior to being assembled into furniture. This means that when you buy your teak furniture, the alteration to the colour has already taken place. There will be no surprises, and if you wish to buy cushions and other comfort enhancers for your outdoor furniture, there is no chance of a colour mismatch when the colour of the wood begins to change.

Sealants and Oils

If you have your heart set on keeping the rich, natural hues of the teak, you're going to need to do some regular maintenance work. A specialised sealant will slow down the sunlight-induced colour change to the point where you won't even notice it. You will need to apply the sealant with the frequency recommended by the manufacturer. Applying oil to the teak will also reduce the impact of any sunlight-induced colour change. Again, only use a specialist product, and it will need to applied as often as the manufacturer recommends. Talk to a professional at businesses like The Teak Place for more advice.

While your teak furniture will undoubtedly look sensational, it's very important to know what to expect when you put it in the sun.