Creating a rustic bedroom set with recycled building materials

If you are looking at renovating your home, it can be very expensive to replace your furniture with all new materials. Often using recycled building materials can be a good way to keep the price down while getting a funky and rustic look to your new home. 

Here are some ways that you can use recycled building materials to create a new bedroom set. 

Mounted bed header

With more and more people opting for ensembles for their beds, it is less common to have a bedframe. Instead, many people opt to create a bed header by using materials that they secure to the wall directly. This can be a great way to use small amounts of fabrics and soft furnishings, such as wall tapestries or theatrical backdrops, and you can easily remove any damaged portions to create a unique bed header. As these are near the head during sleep it's a good idea to check for any odours that you might annoy you at night, as well as ensuring that no lead-based paint is used if it is a painted cloth, as you don't want to consume some accidentally during sleep. 

Bedside tables

There are a variety of industrial sets of drawers that can have a new life as part of your bedside set. This can include using library filing cabinets, cabinetry from old kitchens and cabinetry from other areas of the house. As you can secure these to the wall under the bed head, this can be a good way to reuse otherwise rickety pieces of cabinetry. You can also apply feature pieces of wood to the top of the table to create a unique effect. This can be a great way to use small but unique pieces of old hardwood that you salvage. 

Hanging hooks

If you have a lot of cool accessories such as hats and scarfs that you struggle to organise, then you can consider creating a feature of these by hanging some old hooks and door knobs on the wall. These can create hanging space for these items and make sure that you can enjoy them each day even if you don't wear them. Try combining different and mismatching knobs and hooks to create an interesting display space for your wardrobe while also making it easy to find the right accessories.

If you are renovating your home and want to find some ways to reuse building materials in the home, you can often find some great opportunities to create new furniture with recycled materials in your home.