Tips On Cleaning And Restoring Cane Conservatory Furniture

Although cane conservatory furniture can last a lifetime if properly cared for, it can become a little shabby over time. However, you can give your cane conservatory furniture a whole new lease of life by cleaning it and repairing minor damage. Here's how to do it.

Cleaning cane conservatory furniture

  1. Begin by removing any cushions from the furniture. You can either wash the cushion covers in your washing machine or discard them and replace them with new ones.  
  2. Take a scrubbing brush and go over the furniture, working into all the crevices and cracks, including underneath each piece to dislodge any clinging dust and dirt.  
  3. Now vacuum the furniture with the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose to get rid of any loose debris.  
  4. Make up a mild solution of warm water and washing-up liquid, agitating the solution so that lots of soapy suds are produced.  
  5. Use a soft, clean cloth to apply the suds to the cane furniture. Take care not to get the furniture too wet. Wipe over the furniture.  
  6. Use an old toothbrush to apply more suds to woven areas and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.  
  7. Dry off the furniture with a soft cloth, and then place it out in the sun to airdry.

Repairing minor damage to your cane conservatory furniture

Start by checking over the furniture to see if there are any loose strands of cane. These can usually be stuck back into position with strong glue.

Missing strands of cane can be replaced by going to a good craft shop for new strands. Cut a generous length of new cane that is long enough to fill the gap left by the old, damaged material. Soak the cane in cold water for half an hour or so until it softens enough to be pliable.

Remove any excess water from the cane strip with paper towel. Now carefully weave the fresh piece of cane through the damaged area of the piece of furniture, pulling the end through with a pair of fine-nosed pliers.

Tidy-up the job by gluing down the loose ends of the new cane strips. If the furniture is stained or painted, you will need to apply a suitable product to the newly repaired areas.

Finally, replace your laundered cushions on the furniture or treat yourself to a new set.

For more complex repairs to very old cane furniture, you might need to hire the services of an experienced professional furniture repairer.